Other Websites That I´ve Created

I created this site for my guitar building hobby. My dream is that this guitar brand will become well known and to begin mass producing guitars of very high quality.

This is a community that I created mainly for all the future Fredano guitar owners, but also for all other guitar enthusiasts.

This my company’s website. We offer lectures and courses all over Sweden or by phone and we write applications for those who wants our help with it. Over a billion for various development projects have made our services sought after. Our lecturer is called Byaguru, Robin Hood and he is the most successful in his field in Sweden.

This a website that I created that contains criminal cases, biographies of serial killers, mass murderers, terrorists, etc., also crime scene photos, testimony from perpetrators, victims and witnesses, and much much more. In short, contains a lot of interesting, scary and downright sick material for you right here.

Totally Loving This is a small light in a darkening world. We are trying to restore faith in humanity, one small step at a time.

This is my personal startpage. But if it suits your needs as well then feel free to use it. All though it’s only avalible in swedish.

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