Web Design

I have built many different websites, and here below you can find a few of them.

Feel free to visit them by clicking the links below, and please follow their respective social media accounts.

I created this website to as an online database where we are collecting and publishing crime related facts and information from all over the internet.

As you know from this website you are currently visiting, one of my hobbies is building things. And one of those things are guitars, so I created this website specifically for them.

Visit The Website
Crime Scene Community

The upcoming Crime Scene Community is going to be an extention to the main website, Crime Scene Database. It is going to be a meeting place for our visitors.

This is my personal homepage that I created to have everything I want right there when opening my browser. Feel free to use it yourself if you find it useful.

This website was created to kind of be the opposite of the Crime Scene Database. This is where I publish all the heartwarming, amazing and positive things about humanity.

I created this website for my dads business. He travels arround Sweden giving financing lectures to non-profit associations as well as helping them raise funds for new projects.