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This is a custom box for my watch collection, and I also keep some tools and accessories for the watches in it. It’s made out of plywood and … Read More

I needed a lathe for another project I was working on. But instead of buying one, I built this one out of a drill and some wood. … Read More

This is my living room/office, I built the custom desk and the TV-wall with the aim of hide all the cables. The computer is also built into the … Read More

I bought two identical Stanley planes at a flea market. I have restored both of them and here below you can see before and after pictures of one … Read More

Here you have a selection of different logos and other things I’ve done in Photoshop. Please contact me if you are in need of a logo or any … Read More

This is another cheap guitar that I tried turning into something worth playing on. I cut of the headstock and built a new one, gave it a new … Read More

This started out as a cheap factory guitar and the idea was to try to make a high-end guitar out of it. Everything electronic and mechanic has been … Read More

I was charpening a chisel to do some details on a guitar when I got this idea. I made a wooden box with a number of chisels, knifes, … Read More

My first scratch-build, a small ESP LTD F-50. You can find more info about this guitar on…. Read More

I had this “Harley Benton B-650 Black Progressive Series” hanging on my wall and as with everything else I own I could not let it stay original. I … Read More

I was playing Left for dead 2 when I got the idea of making a decapitated zombiehead. I started out with a old easter egg, you know, the … Read More

I wanted to make my logo in 3d, made out of wood so it exists as more then a digital picture. And it turned out to be a … Read More

I built this knife to my father on his fifty-eighth birthday. He loves to fish so therefore I combined his initials and the fish in the inlay on … Read More

I was going through my dads workshop and I found these three knifes that I made way back in the late 90s I believe. And I wanted to … Read More

I have a bad habit of losing interest in projects quite quickly and then moving on to the next one. And as a result I have a bunch … Read More

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