About Fredrik

Fredrik Redhe

My name is Fredrik Redhe and I was born in 1986 in the small village of Dala-floda in central Dalecarlia in Sweden where I then also grew up. My entire childhood was marked by a love of music and creation. My dad started to teach me carpentry basically the at same moment that I learned to walk and my uncle gave me my first guitar and guitar lesson at about age 6. In my teens, my interest in computers and technology started to grow. I started learning to, among other things, code websites. After I moved out from home in 2003, I ended up in Leksand, Dalecarlia, where I attended high school. I got accepted into the technology program but only went there for a week before I realized that my childhood love of music was so strong that I decided to change program to the music program where I studied guitar and piano among other things.

During my studies in high school, I used to work extra in a few senior care centers during the summers and a few weekends here and there. Therefore, the step to keep working in healthcare after graduation was very short. I jumped in as a substitute in different care centers and senior homes during the fall of 2005 and spring of 2006 before I got a job as a carpenter building houses. There I worked for about a year with, among other things build earthquake-resistant houses that were shipped to Japan, before they were forced to cut back on staff and I started working as a painter at a factory in Dala-Floda that manufactures floor and ceiling moldings. There I worked for 6 months before I decided to study to get a degree in healthcare and started studying to become a assistant nurse.

After this year of studies, I ended up in the healthcare field again as a substitute in different homes before I, in 2008 got a permanent position within LSS (care for mentally and/or physically disabled people) in Ludvika Municipality, where I still work today and I really enjoy being able to help other people.

My love for music and creating things have always been there and I’ve always under virtually all my spare time been building on some project or been playing on my guitar. A selection of my projects can be found here.